Scientific staff

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Hosting Extra-EU researchers
From April 2016 the Cavalieri Ottolenghi Foundation has been credited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research to sign hosting agreements. This means that our Institute may host extra-EU researchers, not resident in the EU, to carry out research projects, to obtain VISA.

Neurobiology of brain plasticity  
Annalisa Buffo  - Associate Professor of Physiology
Daniela Carulli  - Assistant Professor of Physiology (in sabbatical leave)
Enrica Boda - Assistant Professor RTD in Human Anatomy

Neurophysiology of neurodegenerative diseases
Filippo Tempia  - Full Professor of Physiology

Brain development and disease
Alessandro Vercelli  - Full Professor of Human Anatomy
Adriano Ceccarelli  - Associate Professor of Biology
Elena Tamagno  - Associate Professor of General Pathology
Marina Boido  - Assistant Professor RTD of Human Anatomy
Michele Guglielmotto - Assistant Professor of General Pathology
Serena Stanga - Assistant Professor RTD of Human Anatomy

Clinical neurobiology
Antonio Bertolotto  - Head physician, Neurologist, S. Luigi Gonzaga Hospital
Arianna Sala - Resident Biologist, Specialist in Clinical Pathology, S. Luigi Gonzaga Hospital
Marzia Caldano - Pharmacist, Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry
Fabiana Marnetto  - Biotechnologist, Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry
Serena Martire  - Biotechnologist
Paola Valentino  - Biotechnologist, Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry

Adult neurogenesis
Luca Bonfanti  - Associate Professor of Veterinary Anatomy
Paolo Peretto  - Associate Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology
Silvia de Marchis  - Associate Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology
Federico Luzzati - Assistant Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology

Carola Eva  - Full Professor of Pharmacology
Alessandra Oberto  - Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Nerve regeneration
Stefano Geuna  - Full Professor of Human Anatomy
Stefania Raimondo  - Assistant Professor of Human Anatomy

Giancarlo Panzica  - Full Professor of Human Anatomy
Stefano Gotti  - Assistant Professor of Human Anatomy
Giovanna Ponti  - Assistant Professor RTD of Veterinary Physiology

Embryonic neurogenesis
Ferdinando Di Cunto - Full Professor of Molecular Biology

Events & Meetings

27 february 2020


University of Turin, Italy   
The Workshop is aimed at PhD students and young Postdocs with the goal to promote a thorough understanding of the functions of glial cells in health and disease. The program includes lectures on the newest conceptual advancements and methodological approaches in the study of glial cells in synaptic functions, development and CNS diseases.

Deadline for registration: December 23, 2019.

29 november 2019

NICO Progress Report - INN Open Neuroscience Forum 2019

Our young researchers present their work to collegues. From January to December, every two weeks, on friday at 2:00 pm
Seminars Room, NICO