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Neurogenesi embrionale
Federico Bianchi

Federico Tommaso Bianchi



Born in Turin, 27.11.1980 - Italian

2008 PhD in Functional Genomics applied to the translational research, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Turin, Italy
2004 Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology (summa cum laude), University of Turin

Current position
Post-doc Fellow

Previous positions
2008-2016    Post-doc Fellow, Department of Medical Biotechnology and Health science, University of Turin, Italy.
Sept  2012,  Sept 2013  Visiting Scholar in Dr. Wieland Huttner’s laboratory, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics , Dresden (Germany).
2004 – 2008  PhD student, Thesis: “Bionformatic identification and experimental characterization of hsp47 as a novel functional partner of the Amyloid Precursor Protein” Department of Medical Biotechnology and Health science, University of Turin, Italy.
2002 – 2004  Undergraduate student, Department of Biology and Biochemistry , University of Turin, Italy. Thesis: “Characterization of the differents Citron Isoforms in the development and differentiation of the CNS”
Aug-Sept 2002 Technician in Bill Dauer's Lab at the Department of Neurology, Columbia University, New York

Scientific interests
Molecular basis of cortical development, with a specific interest on proliferation, apoptosis and genomic stability.


Microcefalie e Atassie: i risultati delle nostre ricerche presentati alla Convention Telethon

I gruppi di ricerca del prof. Di Cunto e del Prof. Tempia studiano le cause genetiche di microcefalie e atassie.
I loro ultimi studi, realizzati grazie al sostegno di Fondazione Telethon e presentati alla Convention scientifica, aprono la strada a possibili nuovi approcci terapeutici.

15 Marzo 2017