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giulia pasini

Giulia Pasini

Research fellow

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Born in Brescia (BS), Italy on 14.02.1986. Italian

Research Fellow Position in Professor Alessandro Vercelli’s Lab at Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi

26/03/2013: Advance Degree in Pharmacy (14/S Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy D.M. 509/1999), at University of Parma, Italy.

March 2012 - November 2015: Fellowship  in neuropathology at the Department of Neurological and Movement Sciences, University of Verona.
Projects titles: “Conformational and biological properties of a novel prion glycotype in sporadic Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease”                                                                                   
“Different patterns of microglia cell activation in distinct sporadic Creutzfeldt- Jakob diseases subtypes”.

March-July 2015: Guest research at the NIH/NIAID Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Montana, USA.
Project title: ”Real Time Quaking Induced Conversion (RT-QUiC) assay in olfactory mucosa and biological fluids with Creutzfeldt- Jakob disease”.