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Data dell'evento: 05/06/2020


From 11th May, 1 appointment per week at 2.00 pm

5/06/20 - Lecture
Paolo Porporato (MBC - Torino) 
Altered iron metabolism controls muscle wasting and cachexia 
Host: Serena Stanga

12/06/20 - Progress report
Marco Fogli

19/06/20 - Lecture
Eleonora Vannini (CNR, Pisa) 
Synaptic vesicles dynamics in focal epilepsy 
Host: Enrica Boda

26/06/20 - Progress report
Daniela Rasà


29/05/20 - Progress Report
Sara Bonzano
Shedding light on mitochondria in adult neurogenesis: a role for the transcription factor COUP-TFI/Nr2f1

22/05/20 - Senior Lecture
Giovanna Gambarotta
Cells & factors involved in peripheral nerve regeneration

15/05/20 - Lecture
Pamela Imperadore (SZN)
Host: Marina Boido
Neural regeneration: tales from the octopus

08/05/20 -  Senior Lecture
Luca Bonfanti
From adult neurogenesis to immature neurons: a 10.000 papers' Journal Club

06/05/20 - Lecture
Angelo Bifone (University of Torino)
Host: Alessandro Vercelli 
Alcoholism and the insular cortex: insights from neuroimaging

04/05/20 - Lecture (III)
Serena Martire 
Correlation and linear regression


Progress Report - Ilaria Balbo 
Spinocerebellar ataxia 38: role of Elovl5 in central and peripheral nervous system

27/04/20 - Lecture
  Ludovico Minati (CIMeC, University of Trento, Italy)
Across neurons and silicon: new bridges between biology and electronics

Abstract: This talk will present how two seemingly distant topics, namely neuroscience and electronics, actually have a lot of points of contact and can inspire each other in unexpected ways. The main point is that many phenomena observed pervasively in neuroscience are actually universal and, as such, can also be easily observed in very simple electronic circuits, insofar as these are analog and nonlinear. For example, the generation of chaotic and spiking signals will be considered, together with the emergence of network-level properties such as a modular organization or small-world topology. Studying these phenomena in an electronic context can help to better understand how they arise in much larger biological networks, and how they malfunction in disease. At the same time, it might inspire potential new ways of implementing artificial intelligence in the future.

24/04/20 - Lecture
  Erica Staurenghi (Dept. of Clinical and Biological Sciences, Univ. Torino)
Host: Annalisa Buffo 
Brain oxysterols in Alzheimer’s disease: could they contribute to neuronal damage by inducing astrocyte reactivity?

22/04/20 - ore 13:00
Senior Lecture - Alessandro Vercelli
Supporting healthy ageing with information and communication technology and artificial intelligence

20/04/20 - Lecture
Serena Martire (II) 
Introduction to hypothesis testing

  Progress Report - Isabella Crisci
A new perspective on Tamoxifen effect within the adult hippocampal neurogenic niche

15/04/20 - Lecture
  Pierre Magistretti, KAUST - King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia
Host: Corrado Calì
Neuron-glia metabolic coupling: relevance for plasticity and neuroprotection

10/04/20 - Lecture
  Livio Oboti, PhD - Institut für Biologie Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Host: Silvia De Marchis
Corticofugal feedback circuits in the mouse vomeronasal system

  Progress Report - Giacomo Carta
Neurodynamics from bedside to in-vitro to refine a basic diagnostic and therapeutic intervention

Progress Report - Brigitta Bonaldo
Something unexpected: the effects of chronic treatment with BPA on pregnant adult female mice?

Barbara Magnani
Communication@NICO: istruzioni per l'uso


Progress Report - Martina Lorenzati
c-Jun N-terminal Kinase 1 (JNK1) modulates OPC architecture, proliferation and myelination

Journal club - Federico Luzzati
Glia Accumulate Evidence that Actions Are Futile and Suppress Unsuccessful Behavior

Senior Lecture - Alessandro Vercelli
Development, morphology and connectivity of pyramidal neurons

Progress Report - Francesca Montarolo
Effects of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptors modulators on nuclear receptor NR4As: an in vitro study using human blood and brain-resident cells

  Senior Lecture - Carola Eva
Conditional inactivation of Npy1r gene in mice induces sex-related differences of metabolic and behavioral functions

Progress Report - Corrado Calì
3D-EM and Virtual Reality tools in Brain Metabolism

Progress Report - Chiara la Rosa
“Immature” neurons in mammals: a “reservoir” of young neurons in large-sized brains?

Lecture - Serena Martire
Biostatistics: Back to the Basics


05 giugno 2020


Paziente tetraplegico operato al CTO di Torino torna a usare le mani

Una notizia che abbiamo letto tutti di recente sui giornali. Noi del NICO abbiamo la fortuna di collaborare da anni con il dott. Bruno Battiston e il prof. Diego Garbossa - i chirurghi che hanno svolto l'operazione - e ci siamo fatti spiegare bene in cosa consiste l’intervento, quale era la situazione del paziente e quali saranno i possibili risultati. 
Tutto questo al di là delle semplificazioni e dei titoli roboanti dei giornali, comprensibilmente utilizzati per attirare l’attenzione dei lettori.

10 giugno 2019