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Prof. Gianmaria Ajani
Rector of the University of Turin

Avv. Paolo Bertolino
University of Turin - Unioncamere Piemonte

Scientific Director
Prof. Alessandro Vercelli
Dept. of Neuroscience, University of Turin
Neuroscience Institute of the Cavalieri-Ottolenghi Foundation (NICO)
Neuroscience Institute of Turin (NIT), University of Turin

Executive board

Prof. Gianmaria Ajani, Rector of the University of Turin

Members of the Board (2017-2019):

Prof.ssa Laura Ballarini , SISSA - Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati di Trieste
Prof.ssa Cristina Becchio , University of Turin
Avv. Paolo Bertolino , University of Turin - Unioncamere Piemonte
Prof. Federico Bussolino , University of Turin
Prof. Stefano Giustincich , IIT - Italian Institute of Technology
Prof. Giuseppe Maina , University of Turin

Scientific board

Prof. Giovanni Abbate Daga , University of Turin
Prof.ssa Cristina Becchio , University of Turin
Prof.ssa Maria Caramelli , Zooprophylactic Institute of Turin
Prof. Ferdinando Di Cunto , University of Turin
Prof. Maurizio Ferraris , University of Turin
Prof. Giuseppe Maina , University of Turin
Prof. Marco Sassoè Pognetto , University of Turin
Prof. Innocenzo Rainero , University of Turin
Prof. Marco Tamietto , University of Turin

Events & Meetings

08 february 2019

NICO Progress Report - INN Open Neuroscience Forum 2019

Our young researchers present their work to collegues. From January to December, every two weeks, on friday at 2:00 pm
Seminars Room, NICO

16 february 2019

Torino - 10th International Meeting STEROIDS and NERVOUS SYSTEM

Since 2001, this meeting represented an important event for basic and clinical researchers working on this emerging scientific topic. We will address state-of-the-art approaches in the field of steroids and nervous system, including behavior, epigenetics, genomic and non-genomic actions, the vitamin D, neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders, and the interference among endocrine disruptors and steroid signaling.