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Here you can find a selection of projects and research networks we participate in 
My-AHA  My Active and Healthy Ageing
January 2016-2019 | Horizon 2020
Coordinator Alessandro Vercelli, NICO - University of Torino
 The consortium is made of: Istituto Mario Boella (Torino), the Universities of Siegen and Koln (D), Loughborough (GB), Instituto de Biomecanica Valencia (E), Fraunhofer Portugal, Johanniter Austerreich (A), Kasa Solution (D), VitalinQ (N), GESMED (E). To the consortium participate as Extra-EU partners Seul National University (South Korea), Tohoku University (Japan), University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia), and the JIN company (Japan).
Neurostemcellrepair - European stem cell consortium for neural cell replacement, reprogramming and functional brain repair
2013-2017 | FP7 European Union
E Fucà, A Buffo, D Carulli partecipating in the research unit headed by A Vercelli
Research network: Elena Cattaneo, University of Milan, coordinator, Ernest Arenas, Karoliska Institute, deputy coordinator, Parmar Malin, University of Lund, Stephen Dunnet, University of Cardiff, Oliver Brustle, University of Bonn, Roger Barker, University of Cambridge, Charles ffrench-Constant, University of Edimburgh, Andreas Bosio, Milteny, Ida Biunno, Isenet).
Generation of authentic human striatal neurons from pluripotent stem cells for transplantation in Huntington's disease
2013-January 2016 | PRIN - Italian Ministry of University and Research
Coordinator: Elena Cattaneo; Head of local research unit: Alessandro Vercelli
Research Network: Biella Gerardo Rosario, University of Pavia; Biunno Ida, Cnr; Moresco Rosa Maria, University Milano-Bicocca
Use of biomimetic scaffolds and stem cells to support the regeneration of the injured spinal cord
2014-2016 | Fondazione CRT

Marina Boido, NICO co-PI with Gianluca Ciardelli e Chiara Tonda-Turo, Politecnico di Torino

Driving microglia metabolism toward remyelination and restoration of brain damage in MS
2015-2018 | Merck Serono/Grant for Multiple Sclerosis Innovation
Annalisa Buffo, head of research unit
Research network: coordinator Claudia Verderio, Neuroscience Institute (IN) of CNR, Marta Fumagalli, University of Milan, Pierre Gressens, Inserm, Paris; Peter Cameliet, Vesalius Research CentreLeuven; Antonio Uccelli, University of Genoa
Characterization of a novel microRNA involved in myelination: a new potential pathogenetic mechanisms in multiple sclerosis
2015-2017 | Cariplo Foundation - Biomedical Research conducted by Young Researchers

Enrica Boda, head of reseach unit; Davide Lecca, University of Milan, coordinator

Influence of maternal behaviour on the expression of brain plasticity brakes: a role in the susceptibility to anxiety?
2015-2017 | Research Project, University of Turin - Compagnia di San Paolo

co-PI Carola Eva and Daniela Carulli

Complex mechanisms underlying permanent effects of perinatal environment  on synaptic plasticity  and susceptibilty to psychopathologies: from molecules to tissue properties to behaviour
2014 - 2015| Fondazione CRT

Carola Eva co-PI with Daniela Carulli and Annalisa Buffo

Endogenous source of neural progenitor/stem cells for CNS repair
2014-2016 | Fondazione CRT

Luca Bonfanti and Paolo Peretto co-proponent with Annalisa Buffo, NICO

CReSM Bio-Bank
2015-2016 | FISM Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
Improving therapeutic appropriateness of Multiple Sclerosis treatments using biological approaches to personalize therapy and save pharmaceutical spending
2015-2018 | Italian Ministry of Health
Combined analysis of EBV and cellular gene expression in clinically isolated syndrome, relapsing remitting and primary progressive multiple sclerosis: search of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers
2015-2018 | FISM Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
Moving Again: Integrated Therapies to Cure Post-Traumatic Paralysis
2015-2017 | National Project, “Bando per il finanziamento di Progetti di Ricerca di Ateneo/CSP 2014”

PI Dr.ssa Stefania Raimondo

Biohybrid templates for peripheral nerve regeneration
2012-2015 | Europeanproject of EU-FP7-Health-2011
Stefano Geuna, head of research unit of Università degli Studi di Torino
Coordinator: Hannover Medical School, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Lund University, Universidade do Minho, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center - Tel Aviv University, Technische Universität München, Klinikum Rechts der Isar
COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology
DSDnet - A systematic elucidation of differences of sex development
2013-2016 | EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020
Coordinator: Olaf Hiort, Lubecca (Germany)
The 22 DSDnet Member Countries are: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Israel, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Croatia, Norway, Cyprus, Poland, Denmark, Romania, Estonia, Slovenia, Finland, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, United Kingdom
GnRH NETWORK - Neuroendocrine Control of Reproduction
2012-2016 | EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020
Coordinator: Ulrich Boehm, Homburg (Germany)
GNRH Network: Belgium, Italy, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Finland, Romania
Involvement of estradiol on feeding neurohormonal circuit programming in the rat
 2016- 2019 | Spanish Government, Ministry of the Economy

Coordinator: Paloma Collado, UNED Madrid (Spain)

Events & Meetings

27 february 2020


University of Turin, Italy   
The Workshop is aimed at PhD students and young Postdocs with the goal to promote a thorough understanding of the functions of glial cells in health and disease. The program includes lectures on the newest conceptual advancements and methodological approaches in the study of glial cells in synaptic functions, development and CNS diseases.

Deadline for registration: December 23, 2019.

29 november 2019

NICO Progress Report - INN Open Neuroscience Forum 2019

Our young researchers present their work to collegues. From January to December, every two weeks, on friday at 2:00 pm
Seminars Room, NICO