Neuroscience institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi

The main goal of NICO research center is to study the fundamental biological mechanisms of nervous system function, whose knowledge is essential for the development of innovative therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders.

NICO is an interdepartmental institute of Turin University devoted to Neuroscience. We focus in developing a multidisciplinary approach that combines the skills and expertise of our faculty, with the goal of integrating basic research and its clinical applications.




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Air pollution and Multiple Sclerosis: PM effects on neuroinflammation and myelin repair

Neurochemistry International , May 2021
Parolisi R, Montarolo F, Pini A, Rovelli S, Cattaneo A, Bertolotto A, Buffo A, Bollati V, Boda E

This work, which is the result of an annual multicenter pilot project supported by the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, has shown for the first time that exposure to PM has negative effects on the regenerative capacities of the nervous tissue, and in particular of myelin.

10 march 2021

ALBA Declaration on Equity and Inclusion

The Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi is a proud signatory of the ALBA Declaration on Equity and Inclusion.
The Declaration represents our commitment to make science more inclusive.

11 january 2021

NPY-Y1 receptor signaling controls spatial learning and perineuronal net expression

Neuropharmacology , December 2020

Ilaria Bertocchi, Paolo Mele, Giuliano Ferrero, Alessandra Oberto, Daniela Carulli, Carola Eva

26 january 2021

Overexpression of the ubiquitin-editing enzyme A20 in the brain lesions of Multiple Sclerosis patients

Brain Pathology , October 2020

Simona Perga, Francesca Montarolo, Serena Martire, Brigitta Bonaldo, Gabriele Bono, Jessica Bertolo, Roberta Magliozzi , Antonio Bertolotto

21 January 2021

Sex differences in behavioral and metabolic effects of gene inactivation: The neuropeptide Y and Y receptors in the brain

Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews , December 2020

Eva C, Oberto A, Longo, Palanza, Bertocchi I

12 January 2021

NSC-Reconstruct - Novel Strategies for Cell-based Neural Reconstruction (Horizon 2020)

The European project NSC-Reconstruct - Novel Strategies for Cell-based Neural Reconstruction (Horizon 2020) has started today with a web-kick-off meeting. Prof. Annalisa Buffo (NICO - Department of Neuroscience of the University of Turin) leads work package 3, which is aimed at developing strategies for the repair of complex brain networks, such as those affected in Huntington's disease.

The overall goal of the project is to develop and optimize strategies based on effective neuronal replacement and circuit reconstruction to treat neurodegenerative diseases. NSC-Reconstruct is coordinated by Prof. Elena Cattaneo, University of Milan which brings together 13 partners including universities, research centers, industries and SMEs from six European countries.

3 april 2020