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Adult neurogenesis and “immature” neurons in mammals: an evolutionary trade-off in plasticity?

Brain Structure and Function , October 2023

Luca Bonfanti, Chiara La Rosa, Marco Ghibaudi, Chet C Sherwood

Research group: Adult Neurogenesis

20 march 2024


Two one-year positions  (research grant) are available in the Brain Development and Disease laboratory at Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (University of Torino, Italy), starting from April 2024.

One Postdoctoral position  available at the Neuroendocrinology Lab - Research Fellowship under PRIN project -   “Developmental, Reproductive and Metabolic effects of Endocrine Disruptors (the DReaM-ED study)”

One-year Research Fellowship  under the PRIN project - Call 2022 – “ Nr2f1-dependent regulation of Mitochondrial Function in Neural Development and Disease " at the Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (NICO) and Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology in Turin, Italy, under the supervision of prof. Silvia De Marchis

DEADLINE: January 22, 2024

9 january 2024

Advanced materials and biofabrication technologies to design in vitro functional central nervous system models

Frontiers in Medical Engineering , 4 October 2023
Traldi C, Chiappini V, Menduti G, Tonda-Turo C, Boido M

Research Group NICO:   Brain development and disease

18 october 2023

A novel compound enhances nerve-muscle interaction stability and physical endurance, counteracting sarcopenia in the elderly.

Aging and Disease , 2 August 2023 
Synergistically Acting on Myostatin and Agrin Pathways Increases Neuromuscular Junction Stability and Endurance in Old Mice

Schellino Roberta, Marina Boido, Jan W. Vrijbloed, Ruggero G. Fariello, Alessandro Vercelli

Research Group NICO:  Brain development and disease

4 september 2023

HD: human striatal progenitors transplanted in the lesioned striatum are able to survive long-term

Stem Cell Research & Therapy , 28 July 2023

Roberta Schellino, Dario Besusso, Roberta Parolisi, Gabriela B. Gómez-González, Sveva Dallere, Linda Scaramuzza, Marta Ribodino, Ilaria Campus, Paola Conforti, Malin Parmar, Marina Boido, Elena Cattaneo, Annalisa Buffo

Research Groups NICO:  Physiopathology of neural stem cells   and  Brain development and disease

4 august 2023

Lestaurtinib inhibits Citron kinase activity and medulloblastoma growth through induction of DNA damage, apoptosis and cytokinesis failure

Frontiers in Oncology , 19 June 2023

Pallavicini G*, Iegiani G*, Parolisi R, Ferraro A, Garello F, Bitonto V, Terreno E, Gai M and Di Cunto F

Research Group NICO:  Embryonic neurogenesis

28 june 2023

Sleep fragmentation affects glymphatic system through the different expression of AQP4 in wild type and 5xFAD mouse models

Acta Neuropathologica Communications , 18 January 2023
Open Access

Vasciaveo V, Iadarola A, Casile A, Dante D, Morello G, Minotta L, Tamagno E, Cicolin A, Guglielmotto M

Research Group NICO: Aging and Alzheimer's Disease

8 march 2023

Agonist of growth hormone-releasing hormone improves the disease features of spinal muscular atrophy mice

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) , 10 January 2023

Marina Boido, Iacopo Gesmundo, Anna Caretto, Francesca Pedrolli, Roberta Schellino, Sheila Leone, Renzhi Cai, Wei Sha, Ezio Ghigo, Andrew V Schally, Alessandro Vercelli, Riccarda Granata

Research Group NICO:  Brain development and disease

12 january 2023

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08 november 2024

8-9 November :: Motor Neuron Diseases - III edition

Hybrid workshop  

REGISTRATION: from 2 nd  to 22 nd  of September 2024