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The neurodynamic treatment induces biological changes in sensory and motor neurons in vitro

Scientific Report , 24 June 2021

Carta G, Gambarotta G, Fornasari B E, Muratori L, ElSoury M, Geuna S, Raimondo S, and Fregnan F

26 july 2021

Imaging of Inflammation in Spinal Cord Injury: Novel Insights on the Usage of PFC-Based Contrast Agents

Biomedicines , 2021 April

Garello F*, Boido M*, Miglietti M, Bitonto V, Zenzola M, Filippi M, Arena F, Consolino L, Ghibaudi M, Terreno E 

21 july 2021

miR-7b-3p Exerts a Dual Role After Spinal Cord Injury, by Supporting Plasticity and Neuroprotection at Cortical Level

Frontiers in  Molecular Biosciences ,   31 March 2021

Ghibaudi M, Boido M, Green D, Signorino E, Berto GE, Pourshayesteh S, Singh A, Di Cunto F, Dalmay T, Vercelli A 

20 july 2021

Elovl5 is required for proper action potential conduction along peripheral myelinated fibers

Glia , 17 June 2021

Eriola Hoxha, Ilaria Balbo, Roberta Parolisi, Roberto Spezzano,   Francesca Montarolo, Francesco Ravera, Michela Guglielmotto, Stefania Raimondo, Eleonora Di Gregorio, Annalisa Buffo, Alfredo Brusco, Barbara Borroni, Nico Mitro, Donatella Caruso, Filippo Tempia

2 july 2021

CENPE Inhibition Leads to Mitotic Catastrophe and DNA Damage in Medulloblastoma Cells

Cancers , 1 March 2021

Iegiani G, Gai M, Di Cunto F, Pallavicini G

14 may 2021

Augmented Reality in Medical Practice: From Spine Surgery to Remote Assistance

Frontiers in Surgery , 30 March 2021 

Fabio Cofano, Giuseppe Di Perna, Marco Bozzaro, Alessandro Longo, Nicola Marengo, Francesco Zenga, Nicola Zullo, Matteo Cavalieri, Luca Damiani, Daniya J. Boges, Marco Agus, Diego Garbossa and Corrado Calì

30 april 2021

Searching for alternatives to brain regeneration

Neural Regeneration Research , 25 March 2021

Chiara La Rosa, Luca Bonfanti

1 april 2021

The My-AHA ICT platform prevents quality of life decline in older adults: a randomised controlled study

Age and Ageing , 22 January 2021

Prevention of frailty is paramount in older adults. We evaluated the efficacy of a tailored multidomain intervention, monitored with the My Active and Healthy Aging platform, in reducing conversion from a prefrail status to overt frailty and preventing decline in quality of life.

24 march 2021