STEROIDS and NERVOUS SYSTEM 2022 - Virtual Meeting

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Event date: from 19/02/2022 to 22/02/2022


Virtual Meeting
Torino, Italy | 19 - 22  February  2022

Dear colleagues,
After the meeting organized in 2021, we are organizing the 11th International Meeting on Steroids and Nervous System again in a virtual way. This is due to the very uncertain situation for the COVID-19. In fact we cannot predict if, in February, we will have free circulation or, again, closure of the borders.
We are very unhappy to take this decision, but at the same time we want to maintain the meeting that is, since a couple of decades, an important appointment for the steroids and nervous system reasearchers' community.
Roberto C. Melcangi  and  GianCarlo Panzica

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