2° jENS - Congress of join European Neonatal Societies

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Zika Cells

In july 2006 World Health Organization declared a global emergency after recognizing the association between the spreading of ZIKA virus infection and a sharp rise of severe neonatal microcephaly cases. Since then, although the incidence of new cases has strongly decreased, the causal role of ZIKA virus in microcephaly induction has been proved by several studies.


Prof. Ferdinando Di Cunto - leader of our Embryionic neurogenesis group - will review the most recent data about brain malformations produced by the virus, the mechanisms behind its pathogenic effects and their relationships with the mechanisms of genetic microcephaly.

2° jENS - Congress of join European Neonatal Societies

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ZIKA congenital encephalopathies , Ferdinando Di Cunto (Italy
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